Bounty Program

Get bonuses improving Stockmex with us!

We have developed a special Bounty program that solves several important tasks for our platform at once and allows our users to receive cash bonuses:


Popularization of the Stockmex platform

Promotion of the company in social networks is an important part of our SEO.


Attraction of new clients

Attracting investments helps us to achieve our goals faster and maximize the profits of our clients.


Improving security

Bug Bounty program allows us to find even the smallest bugs, making the experience of using our clients even better.

Twitter promotion company

Share news about us on your Twitter account and get $0.50 for this one.

Minimum requirements for getting the prize:

  • Active deposit;
  • account must be older than 3 months;
  • at least 200 real friends;
  • Account open and active;

Already done? Send proofs.

Youtube advertising company

Create and share videos about us and get bonuses for this one. Post the video to your channel, blog or website.

The amount of bonuses depends on the age of the channel, the activity of subscribers, the number of views, and can vary from $5 to $150.

Minimum requirements for getting the prize:

  • Active deposit;
  • Channel older than 6 months;
  • The number of subscribers is more than 300 people;
  • Free access to the channel and video materials on it;

Already done? Send proofs.

Facebook promotion company

Share news and your experience with us on your Facebook and get $ 0.5 for it.

Minimum requirements for getting the prize:

  • Active deposit;
  • Your account must be over 6 months old;
  • At least 150 friends in the friend list;
  • Your profile must be open to view.

Already done? Send proofs.

Bug Bounty Program

Our Bug Bounty program is aimed at identifying critical vulnerabilities and shortcomings of our system. If you find a bug, artifact, incorrectly reflected element or a failure, then let us know by describing the problem.

The reward depends on the severity of the problem and can reach $10,000.

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